Make an Activity Log


There’s something called a “spiral” that basically means when something gets worse, it continues to get worse. This is especially true with loneliness and depression, two risk factors for cognitive decline. When you’re feeling lonely or depressed, you might want to stay at home, away from other people. Isolating like this just makes it harder to get out of the house, only causing you to get lonelier and more depressed, making it feel impossible to break the cycle.

Here’s an idea: Start keeping an activity log with everything you do at home and outside of the house. At the end of each day, rate your mood from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the best. At the end of one month, look back over your activity log. Do you find that the days you did more activity you actually had a better mood? That’s the case for most people. This knowledge might help you break the loneliness cycle and get out into the world. (And reduce your risk for cognitive decline.)