Aim for 1%


If you’re a perfectionist or overachiever, it’s likely that when you set a goal, you’re ready to throw everything into achieving that goal. In your mind, you need to make a change, and you need to do it NOW.

You know that there are some habits in your life, whether it’s diet, exercise, or socialization that you could improve. By now, you’ve probably identified some habits you’d like to change to protect your brain health. You’re ready to jump in, full force! But what if changing a habit didn’t have to be so severe?

The good news is, it doesn’t. When it comes to changing habits to support your brain, aim for small changes over time.

You can’t improve 100% overnight can you? You can’t. But you can improve 1% in one day. You can walk for 5 minutes to boost your physical activity, cook a meal at home to control your nutrition, or read 10 pages of a new novel to train your brain. These simple steps can make you 1% better each day, right?

If you consistently improve a habit 1% every day, after one year, you won’t just be 100% improved. You’ll actually be 37 times better than when you began.

Set a small, achievable goal for yourself today that will help improve your habit by 1%. See how easy it is and repeat again tomorrow.