Ditch the Diet


If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, chances are you’ve tried a diet or two.

Did you ever find a fad diet that worked? If not, don’t take it as a personal failure. **Most fad diets don’t work. **In fact, just by “going on a diet,” you actually increase your odds of gaining weight.

**Maintaining a healthy weight protects your brain. **So, how are you supposed to keep your weight healthy, or get it down to a healthy point, if dieting is a no-no? The answer is to change your diet is small, sustainable ways that can have an impact over time.

That’s why the MIND Diet is recommended to protect your brain health. Instead of focusing on short-term, unsustainable change, the MIND Diet encourages you to make healthy choices that become a part of your lifestyle.

One good habit to begin with is to focus on what you can ADD to your diet to make it more nutritious and brain boosting. For now, just think of how energized you’ll feel after adding heaps of fresh fruit and veggies to your daily diet. It’s easier to start by adding, and then you can work slowly on reducing the foods that are associated with cognitive decline.


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