Get Uncomfortable


It’s called a comfort zone because it’s comfortable. It’s your routine.

You spend your morning a certain way. You brew your coffee, read the headlines, and brush your teeth. You spend your evening in a similar routine, doing what’s comfortable and what works.

The thing about making changes that can benefit your cognitive health is that you might have to leave your comfort zone. For many people, being at home is the most comfortable place in the world. Yet, you might have to leave the house to socialize, exercise, or grab fresh fruits and vegetables. Getting out of your comfort zone might be what it takes for you to make a change and create the future you envision.

The first time you do something uncomfortable, it might not feel great. That’s ok. It doesn’t have to. It just has to feel okay enough for you to try it again. With effort and over time, you’ll see that getting outside of your comfort zone pays off. No one ever accomplished anything noteworthy inside the walls of their comfort zone.