Watch for Warnings


Habits are so hardwired into your brain that changing them requires both intention and work. So, let’s say you’ve made a plan to change a habit. Then you put in the work to enact your plan. Congrats! You should be proud of how far you’ve come.

Now, here comes the harder part: Making the habit stick. There’s good news, though. A new habit doesn’t just get unstuck from your daily routine. There are warning signs. If you notice these warning signs, you can tighten your reigns and get your habit back on track.

Warning signs pop up when you start to skip a day here and there. Maybe you skipped a work out one day because it was raining. Then you skipped the next day because you just weren’t feeling up to it. After two days, you’re starting to recreate the habit of not exercising.

Maybe you’re aiming to lose 15 pounds, but you stopped weighing yourself daily. You’re down to once a week on the weekends. It sounds like you’re creating a habit of being a person who isn’t interested in their weight.

It’s true that everyone needs a break. Sometimes your body needs to rest and recover. Some days you need a break from thinking about diet and weight. It’s ok to indulge in these moments of rest here and there. Yet, when rest days become frequent, they also become a habit that overrides all the hard work you did in the first place.

Go ahead and allow yourself to rest or take a break from whatever new habit you’re working on. Just know that tomorrow you’ll need to get back at it with full force.


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