Plants Have Protein


Have you ever looked at a big, burly silverback gorilla and asked yourself, “How did he build those giant muscles?” Ok, maybe you don’t think about gorillas very often, but if you did, you’d be interested to know that the answer is simple: plants.

Gorillas eat mostly stems, bamboo shoots, and fruits (some species occasionally eat termites and ants).

Now, humans and gorillas are not anatomically the same. Gorilla’s stomachs have evolved to better process the large amount of plant matter they consume daily. So it’s not that you should eat what a gorilla eats, but next time you wonder how to cut out meat and fret about where you’ll get your protein, just remember that all animals get protein from plants. The cow that becomes a burger eats grass all day, eventually passing on that protein to you when you consume the meat. So, cut out the middleman and get to chowing down on some greens yourself.

The MIND Diet recommends cutting back on red meat and limiting your meat consumption to poultry and fish. Keep your meat consumption to less than four times a week to make the most out of your MIND Diet.


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