Goldilocks and Sleep


We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Papa Bear’s bed was too hard. Mama Bear’s bed was too soft. But Baby Bear’s bed was just right. And while we know all about the temperature of the three bear’s bowls of soup, what we don’t know is how hot or cold the temperature of their home. And for optimal sleeping, now matter how hard or soft your bed, you need a relatively cool room.

So, let’s say you’re not Goldilocks, but you want to find the “just right” temperature for falling asleep in your own bed. The optimal sleeping temperature is somewhere between 15-19 Celsius (60-67 degrees Fahrenheit).

Now, here’s the rub: depending on if you’re a woman or a man, your “just right” might feel different from your spouse’s, if you have one of the opposite sex. We can’t help you with that eternal marital spat over the thermostat, but we can tell you that at the temperature men feel comfortable, women will often feel cold. If it helps, you can show your spouse these words. Maybe, if you’re both feeling generous, you can switch off every night between his “just right” and her “just right.” Wearing socks in a cold room keeps you warm, too.