Cognitive Assessments and Scores

Cognitive Assessments and Scores

How do I interpret my Cognitive Scores?
Can I take the Cognitive Assessment again to improve my score?
My Cognitive Score has changed. What does it mean?
Who created Neurotrack's Cognitive Assessments?
How do I prepare for my Cognitive Assessments?
What do Neurotrack's Cognitive Assessments measure?
Why does the Image Pair Cognitive Assessment require video access?
When can I see my Cognitive Scores?
How often can I take the Cognitive Assessments?
Why do I have to retake my Cognitive Assessments?
I was interrupted during my Cognitive Assessment and it stopped. When will I be able to take it again?
My score is in the “Below Expected” range. What should I do?
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How do I contact Neurotrack support?


What is Neurotrack?
Is Neurotrack appropriate for me?
How do I get access to Neurotrack?
Should I share my results with my doctor?

Lifestyle Assessments and Scores

How is my lifestyle related to cognitive health?
What do Neurotrack's Lifestyle Assessments measure?
When can I see my Lifestyle Scores?
How do I interpret my Lifestyle Scores?
How often can I take the lifestyle assessments?

Lifestyle Habits

What does it mean to choose a focus?
Why can I only focus on one area at a time?
How often should I switch focus? How long should I work on the same focus?
If I want to work on Exercise, how do I start?


How do I delete my account?
Why am I asked to provide my personal details such as sex, race, education level etc...?
What data is shared with Neurotrack's partners?

Technical Issues

Can I use multiple devices?
What are the device requirements?